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At Master Standards, we offer high-quality online tutoring (K-5) designed to meet your child's learning needs. Whether you are looking to accelerate your child's learning, recover learning loss, or prevent grade retention, we are here every step of the way. 


Why Master Standards?

  • Tutors are Highly Effective teachers from our community.

  • Lessons are taught in a way your child will understand.

  • Individual and small group tutoring available.

  • We specialize in Elementary Grades K-5.

  • We offer flexible scheduling at a price families can afford.


Tutoring for Every Learner
Use the guide below to help you decide how often your child should attend.



2 Hours Per Week

STRETCH Your Child's Thinking

Students who are at/near mastery of the standards will benefit from our:

  • standards-based enrichment lessons

  • higher-order thinking tasks and activities

  • exploration of rigorous standards

  • above grade level instruction



3 Hours Per Week

Help Your Child REACH Higher

Students who are approaching  mastery of the standards will benefit from our:

  • emphasis on foundational skills

  • review of previously taught standards

  • lessons designed to remediate basic skills

  • lessons aligned to what is being taught in class


We Specialize in Elementary

○ Reading ○ Math ○ Science ○ FSA Test Prep

The Master Standards Difference


Research supports the effectiveness of targeted intensive tutoring as a strategy for overcoming the negative educational impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. [source]

At Master Standards, we provide high-quality online tutoring to students in our community.

Master Standards Formula for Success

High Quality Teacher + Weekly Tutoring = Increased RESULTS and CONFIDENCE for your child.

Easy Month-to-Month Pricing

Straightforward pricing. Only pay for what you need. No contracts or hidden fees.


2 Days Per Week

(8 Hours/Month)





3 Days Per Week

(12 Hours/Month)




Small Group
(3 Students Max)

2 Days Per Week

(8 Hours/Month) 





3 Days Per Week

(12 Hours/Month)



Free Consultation
Please tell us a little bit about your child and our student success specialist will reach out to you shortly. 


Thank you! We will contact you within 24 hours. Have a question? Text Us: 239-710-8487